How to Get More Views on YouTube for Free 2017

How to Get More Views on YouTube for Free 2017

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Getting views on YouTube Videos is very high searched topic on Google these days. Today we discuses about “How to Get More Views on YouTube for Free 2017”.so i will try to explain the phenomena of getting free views on YouTube first of all you need to make your channel brand, i mean professional looking.


Method to Get Views on YouTube Fast:

1:Channel Graphics

2:Videos Graphics

3: SEO Optimized Video Title

4:Video Description

5: Related and New Tags

6:Video Quality & Watch Time

7:social sharing

1:Channel Graphics:

Most important factor of increasing views on youtube  is Channel graphics,such as channel art and channel logo.i recommend you make custom channel art and logo.eye catching custom graphics attract viewer to subscribe  your channel.when your subscribers is maximum you will get maximum views in very less time that will effect youtube video of the most advantage is YouTube search engine give authority to your videos and also your channel.

2:Videos Graphics:

second thing is to make eye catching and professional looking graphics for graphics? i mean video thumbnails.when you rank your videos on 1st number. 80% views  arrival based on Video thumbnail.if thumbnail is not good you will get very low views.

3: SEO Optimized Video Title:

I think video title is 3rd factor that will affect on numbers of views.if your title is seo optimized and related then youtube rank your make your title seo optimized and long.viewers click only on well defined titled video and good looking thumbnailed videos.

4:Video Description:

video description play a main roll in video ranking factors.write upto 300 words descrition for your videos with website,social links and other affiliate links.write seo description using main keyword and related keywords.

5:Related and New Tags:

Related tags is more important for video ranking because tags give you direct viewers fron youtube search.if you can use related and good tags then you will get no.1 ranking on youtube search.unrelated and low search keywords not good for youtube  videos. because that are not have high volum of use high searched and high cpc tags in youtube videos.

6:Video Quality & Watch Time:

Make HD video because everyone want Good HD result. video quality is effect on user but that will effect on youtube ranking because youtube system give better rank to hd make videos in HD.second factor is watch time: intert intro and outro in your videos that helps you to increase watch time of your videos.

7:social sharing:

if you want really success on youtube then you will need social media sharing give you better result. because youtube count social signals for ranking factors.i recomend you join 100 related and active groups on Facebook and join 200 communities on Google+.share your video on these groups and communities daily.

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