How to make money with Google CSE (custom search engine)

How to make money with Google CSE (custom search engine)

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When we listen word”Google “we think about online search, but mostly people don’t know search engines give you decent money, yes search engines give money on every search. Today in this article I will show you make money with Google CSE (custom search engine), using Google cse on your website or blog.

make money with google cse

Everyone knows about Google Adsense and how we create YouTube hosted Google Adsense. we need YouTube hosted Adsense account and one blog or website for this course. After reading this complete article you should be able to make 30-50$ is a single day with CSE. Google have thousand of products such as Blogger, Gmail, Adsense. When we use these products Google charge some peny form our income. When we upload video on YouTube Google give permission to show Adsense ads on front of our videos and if we have non-hosted Adsense account to show ads on personal blog or site then Google share 68% revenue from advertiser bid.

What is CSE?

CSE (custom search engine) are Google product, as mentioned in the name custom search engine when anybody use this search engine, publisher earn some amount for this search. After that we talk about “CSE”, when we use Google CSE on our website then Google share 51% revenue from advertiser bid. This is perfect amount for publisher because if we use high paying keyword in our article then we earn 1$ per click like as Adsense Ads banners.

On the other hand this search engine play very important role in your website SEO (search engine optimization).

How we can Use CSE on our Websites?

Method of implementation is very simple of CSE, Google give you a piece of code that you need to paste in your site widgets area. Complete steps of implementation are listed below; follow these steps one by one.

  1. Make YouTube hosted Adsense Account / non-hosted Account
  2. Search on Google ”Google CSE” and log-in
  3. Type correct information about your site and keywords, and click on save button.
  4. Click on control panel and go to make money tab and Turn ON making money.
  5. Save all settings and open your Adsense account that already created, click on my “ads tab”.
  6. Click on search button and after that click on create a new search engine.

Follow below video to make a search engine properly, implement on your blog or website.

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Google CSE is helps you to increase your Adsense income because when visitors search anything using your site custom search engine, you will be earn 1$ pr click. We provide Google custom Search engine A-Z complete Course. After watching this course you should be able to earn 50-60$ in single day with CSE. This is paid course but it is available in very low price, see complete detail click here.

If you have any query about this course and about related to Google CSE, type your comment in comment box, I will try to solve your problems instantly…thanks

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