Why Google Suspend YouTube Channels | Answer & Questions

Why Google Suspend YouTube Channels | Answer & Questions

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Suspending youtube channels is very common now days because people doing spamming with youtube.so youtube decide to protect his authority and value.on the other hand some youtube users making accounts on fake information such as address,name and country location.youtube suspend all of account that are doing spamming and accounts with fake information.today I will show you two major Points 1:why google suspend youtube channels and Point 2:how we work now days without getting suspend.


Why Google suspend YouTube Channels?

its a most common question people ask many students in inbox. today I decide to answer this question on my blog so today I will show you how you can work in these days on youtube and why Google suspend our channels.I point some common mistakes that play a big role to suspend YouTube account

  1. Video Spamming (uploading more than 4 video in a day)
  2. Copy Righted Videos (Uploading Others People Videos on your Own Channel)
  3. Verify Too Many Channel on one mobile number
  4. Verify YouTube Channels With Virtual Numbers
  5. Accident,murdered and robbery videos 
  6. Using “Crack” word in your video title,tags and description
  7. Comment Spamming (paste too many links on other people videos comment)
  8. Using non-Related Tags in Videos
  9. Using RDP to upload videos on YouTube

Note:if you have any question in your mind related to youtube then feel free to comment you question i will try to answer it and try to solve your problem.thanks

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