2 Offers Vogenesis + Datadollarspro by Ms. Jenny Lewis | Honest Review

2 Offers Vogenesis + Datadollarspro by Ms. Jenny Lewis | Honest Review

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vogenesisProduct name: Vogenesis + Datadollarspro

Website: www.vogenesis.com

Type of business: YouTube Secret Training

Owners: Ms. Jenny Lewis

My rating: 85 out of 100(Trusted)

Record your voice and sell online, your voice make you rich if you know value of your voice. Vogenesis + Datadollarspro provide a platform where you can get paid for selling your voiceover.basicly Vogenesis Datadollarspro is a ebook, so in this book you get complete guidelines “how you can start your voice salling business and how to can make money using your voice”.Hundreds and thousands of customers waiting for your voice, because you voice is very unique in the world.Its not matter you don’t have experience and you don’t have proper training.

What is VoGenesis?

vogenesis datadollarspro”, a program from Ms. Jenny Lewis who is sharing her valuable experience for becoming Voiceover Artist. With her own words, she tells the World about the secret and the useful tips regarding the Voiceover Business and how to manage tackling the competition among others. It shows the path from the Beginning to the End about how to start the business with limited budget in details. The Voiceover industry covers so many fields such as: Marketing, Advertising, Music industry, Film industry, Charities, Education, etc. All the voiceover freelancers can choose which field is the most suitable for their voices. They can be a Narrator for Audio books and training presentations which require them to speak clearly and concisely with a pleasant voice, they can choose for becoming an Actor which require their creativity in bringing the character to life, or simply they can pick for becoming a Voiceover Operator in online mobile applications, phone menus, and online video games which requires them to speak distinctive and pleasant so that customers will not feel bored to hear their voices. The books talk, for showing your Voiceover talent, you can simply begin to register to the Voiceover Business Web Portals. It shows the preparation and how to maintain the voice demos in MP3 format which can be stored in the Voiceover website or your Cloud Drive such as: Google Drive; or just simply sending your CD demos to the potential employers.

Vo Genesis honest review?

Hello friends my name is sajid rasheed,2 year a back I read a blog post about how I make money on YouTube. After this article I decide to start work on YouTube for making money and I start making and publishing videos on video sharing site YouTube and Daily motion. I record these video with my original voice and publish on YouTube, after 2 year I failed to make money on YouTube because of enough views on my videos, So I decide to leave youtube. 1 year before my friend suggest me vogenesis datadollarspro, so I decide to make account after making account my friend helped me to setup profile, here I reliaze vogenesis datadollarspro is not a video sharing site, it’s a voice selling website you can record your video and insert in your profile and after that customers comes to your profile and test your voice. If customers like your voice and they will submit a job proposal order, customer gives you a job detail. In my case I setup profile correctly, 3 to 4 day after I get a email from customer they want my voice for promotional videos so reading jobs detail I decide to get this job. You imagine what amount I earn from my first order? Yes earn 100$ with just 4 hour work.

If you want more detail about Vogenesis + Datadollarspro click here!

Vogenesis Datadollarspro

What Kind of Jobs you Will Get Here?

You can see thousands of different kinds of jobs on Vogenesis + Datadollarspro like Tv Advertisement, Tuutorials Voiceover, presentations, corporate videos, and Audio Books.


  • Experience- No experience needed
  • Tools- Free Tools to Record Audio
  • Unlimited Jobs- Unlimited Jobs are waiting you
  • Unlimited earning- done more jobs and earn more


  • Be patient with your work
  • Provide work on Time
  • Give your Best

Final Word:

you read all of advantages and disadvantages of vogenesis datadollarspro, so its your choice to join this program.my duty is provide honest reciew about this program, in my case i earn lot of benifits from Vogenesis Datadollarspro.i recommend this program for all of you own my experience with this program.

Vogenesis + Datadollarspro
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Your friend Sajid Rasheed


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