Adsense low cpc list 2016-17

Adsense low cpc list 2016-17

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hi, this is sajid rasheed. Today i will show you some useful techniques to increase Adsense earning. We are already know about Adsense but some newbies think Adsense is a money making machine. They try to get Adsense very quickly but many people fail in this case because they have low quality contents or they use copyrighted contents in his websites or blogs. Very few people get success is to get Adsense, but after getting Adsense they are very frustrated because Adsense cannot give money as money making machine or like ATM.but in this article i will solve you all low income problems with some simple steps.

adsense low cpc list

Some newbie bloggers want to earn minimum 10$ in single day, but many people’s fails to earn this amounts from Google adsense. Then they find solution to increase their earning……..SO in this post I will tell you some genuine and white hate method to increase earning.

How Google Adsense Work:

Google Adsense is well known advertising network to show ads on top level publisher’s websites or blogs. Adsense show ads on websites base of keywords which you can use in your website or blogs, some time ads showing on user interest base and based on country and locations etc.

Blocking of Low CPC ads is Important?

companies pay some amount on pr click(single click) to Google and also Google pay 68% revenue to publisher on pr click.if advertiser companies pay low amount then you earn very low revenue pr click, so you need to block these advertiser and sites to stop showing ads on your website. But some people don’t know “how to block these sites and ads networks from Adsense accounts” and how to find these advertiser urls.

Low CPC ads Blocking is important because we want more stable income for our blogs or website.after blocking low CPC urls we will get high cpc , best click rate and best click through rate(CTR) etc.

Benefits of Blocking Low Paying Adsense Ads:

some people have question in his mind ” what are the benefits of blocking low paying Adsense ads?”.the answer of this question is very easy because when we block low paying ads networks that are not able to show his ads on our website.only high paying ads are shown so i will get extra income from Google Adsense with same traffic and clicks.

Low CPC Sites URLs:

So here, I will solve your all above mentioned   problems, so first thing to find low cpc sites and companies that provide low cpc ads in Pakistan & in India. Click on below Download button to get complete list of adsense Low cpc list.

Unlock & Download Low CPC Ads Url List!

Block Low CPC sites and ads using this List:

After downloading this list you need to block these ads networks. First step login to your adsesne account and click on “allow & block ads” in Top menu bar. After that open ads list copy all urls form this list and paste into input field that Adsense provide for blocking urls.


Google allow to block 500 ads this method can’t effect your Adsense account standing. blocking low cpc ads network is simple technique but that effect very positively on your daily earning.after implementing these simple step you earning will start improving you will get better result   day by day.

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