How to Get Free SSL Certificate For My Website | Free Trusted SSL Certificate

How to Get Free SSL Certificate For My Website | Free Trusted SSL Certificate

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Security is essential for every website to build up better trust of visitors and search engines; SSL certificate helps you get better ranking in search engine because Google and other search engine like secure websites that have SSL certificate (HTTPS). Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) will protect data against hackers and D-Dos attacks because SSL encrypt data and send to sever using secure layer which means data only readable on client computer. Https is very important for Ecommerce and membership and site that deals with user data.

HTTPS also helps to boost up search engine ranking so it’s very necessary for your website or blog.

If you are looking for SSL certificate (HTTPS) for your website and blog without spending any penny then you can use free SSL certificate provider. Many Online companies provide free SSL, some of are listed below:

  • SL – Secure Socket Layer
  • TLS – Transport Layer Security
  • DV – Domain Validated
  • ACME – Automated Certificate Management Environment
  • CloudFlare CDN – Content Delivery Network

Today I’m going to show you how we can get free SSL certificate for my website and how we can enable HTTPS on our websites and blogs using CloudFlare. Basically CloudFlare is content delivery network that provide free services like free SSL certificate, Free D-DOS protection. CloudFlare helps to decrease website loading time and helps to decrease bandwidth usage.

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    How to Get Free SSL Certificate Using CloudFlare:

get free ssl certificate https

For using CloudFlare SSL certificate you need to sign up and create a free account. When you sign up in CloudFlare then you can receive email in your email inbox you need to verify your email account. After verifying your email address CloudFlare dashboard will appear so you need to give your website address and click to continue. CloudFlare start to scan your DNS and this process take few mints after scanning process is completed than you will be redirected to next page where you can see active services of your website that handled by CloudFlare. Most important step is to change Nameservers with CloudFlare Name server. If you can’t change these address CloudFlare can’t work for you.

get free ssl certificate

After these settings you need to clink on crypto where you can select SSL type. Most recommended type of SSL is Flexible you need to choose it.

Note: After doing all settings you need to ensure SSL certificate status is active.

    End Word:

You can get free SSL certificate (HTTPS) from other companies that provide free SSL.But CloudFlare is most suite able CDN network that helps you to protect your website and make it secure by enabling SSL.

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