How to increase Reddit link karma

How to increase Reddit link karma

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Hello guys, this is sajid rasheed, today I’m show you “how to increase Reddit link karma” and how you can increase comment karma and link karma of your fresh reddit account. This is very simple but need your full concentration. if you are blogger and site owner and also YouTube Publisher then you need to read this article start to end, because now a days reddit is a bigg source of free traffic.

increase reddit link karma

Reddit need quality, not a quantity. So if you want maximum up-votes you need a quality contents. Getting a Quality contents is very difficult task but after reading this post you no need a quality posts for reddit. Follow some simple and easy steps to get thousand up-votes on your posts and links.

How I increase Reddit link Karma

  1. Create a fresh reddit account and verify it.
  2. After verifying reddit account you need to subscribe below given four subreddits.

  1. 4th step is very simple you need to find maximum up-vote posts in these subreddits
  2. After above steps your work is start now, go to first subreddit (sandersForPresident) copy the top post from this subreddit and paste into second number subreddit (politics).
  3. Go to politics and copy first post, paste into (sanders) subreddit .Do this method again and again in these four subreddits.
  4. So After follow these simple steps you can earn 100+ up-votes in single day. Now day I will earn 1000+ up-votes with this method.


I know everyone wants reddit traffic and wants too increase reddit link karma to get traffic on websites or blogs. But this is not simple for newbie’s because reddit policies are very strict about links. I personally execute this method for getting traffic on my website/blog. So i suggest you this method because i give you only those tricks that i try. Remember me in your prayer.

If you have any query and problem about Reddit, feel free to contact me via comment box. I’ll try to solve your problems. Thanks


  1. How come this method helps to increase traffic of our website or blog?

  2. Thanks bro! I’m gonna try this to increase my Link Karma so I can post my links to get a decent amount of traffic from Reddit alone.

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