How to Receive Adsense Payment in Pakistan

How to Receive Adsense Payment in Pakistan

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Today our topic is how we can receive Adsense payment in Pakistan and how many ways we can get Adsense payment on our first thing is known about Adsense payment methods and payout criteria. Google allow many ways to get paid such as Payoneer, direct bank transfer (wire transfer) and check. Payment method will be different countries wise and locations.

receive adsense payment in pakistan

Google Adsense leading ads network now days mostly every blogger use Google Adsense on his blogs and websites for making easy money for showing ads on websites. Bloggers know Adsense is easy and perfect way to earn decent money by monetizing websites/blog traffic. Google Adsense have two types of Adsense account, hosted and non-hosted. Hosted accounts use only in Google products such as YouTube, Bloggers etc. when we are going to talk about non-hosted Google Adsense account you can use this account for monetizing websites and blogs.

    How to Receive Adsense Payment in Pakistan:

Getting paid my Google is very easy in Pakistan because Google has many ways to get Adsense payment. Google have many payment method in Pakistan such as western union (wu), Direct Bank Transfer (wire transfer) and payment via check. It’s your choice which method you can select for payout from Adsense. Today I will go to show you how you can select different payment methods and how you can get paid.

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    Western Union:

adsense payment through western union

Google allow western union as payment method in Pakistan that sounds goods for Pakistani Adsense publishers. Western union is well known money transfer and foreign currencies exchange network that an almost up to 125 branches in Pakistan. I recommend this method for getting Adsense payment because you can get payment easily through Western Union (wu).

  1. Select Western Union as Payment method in your Adsense account
  2. Set a payee name (type your name that are on your CNIC card)

Method to Get Paid:

  1. Print your payment recipient
  2. Go to Western Union Branch along with CNIC copy
  3. Get payment in your hand
  4. Good Luck

    Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer):

adsense payment through bank transfer

Bank transfer is another easy way to get Adsense payment in Pakistan. When you can select bank transfer (wire transfer) as payment method you can get your payment in your given bank account automatically. But it’s quite difficult because you need to conform your bank account. For verifying bank account Google send small amount in your bank before actual payment, so you need to conform this amount via Google Adsense account.

  1. Select Western Union as Payment method in your Adsense account
  2. Type Bank Account number
  3. IBAN number
  4. Swift code

Method to Get Paid:

After verification of bank account Google will send your payment in your bank account automatically.

    Payment via Check:

adsense payment via check

You can receive Adsense payment in Pakistan via checks but it’s very difficult to get payment via this method. Google send a check on your address but in Pakistan bad post system your check will be some situation you can’t get your check on time because of bad postal system.


In the end word I recommend Western Union (WU) as Google Adsense payment method. You can get Adsense payment through western union easily without any verification and delay. On the other hand you can use other payment methods to withdraw money from Adsense in Pakistan.

Note: if you have any question in your mind, feel free to contact me and type your query in comment box. I will try to answer your question and try to solve your problem.


  1. i want know if your CNIC address is different from Adsense account then WU agent give you payment based on mtcn number.
    like after verifying adsense account i move to new rent home. and i renew CNIC with new address.
    so my CNIC has new address but my adsense account verified on old address. but same name, and same city.

    So i want know local WU agent verify address as per CNIC or then give payment just based on same name , city and MTCN number ?
    Waiting for your early positive reply..

    1. Wu agent give payment based on Name

    2. how i can get my IBAN number and siwft code

  2. wu payment withdraw k liye originol nic ki need bhi hogi kia ????

    1. yes.but you need to give a cnic copy to wu agent

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