Receive Google Adsense Payment Using Payoneer Master Card

Receive Google Adsense Payment Using Payoneer Master Card

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Today during this post i will be able to show you how “receive google adsense payment using payoneer” the way you’ll be able to found out your adsesne automatic payment methodology and “Adsesne Payonner” getting payment.some of my friends have USA(United State) adsesne accont,but they’re terribly confuse to obtaining payment type USA Adsense account, during this article can show you the way you’ll be able to use payoneer account and how to setup payonner with adsesne to obtaining your payment for google adsense.

How To SetUp Payonner With Adsesne Account:

After verifiying Address with PIN you will be able to setup your bank detail with adsesne.login to your adsense account click on payment link after that find payment setting on left sidebar, click on it. Click on add new form of payment button.see below image to understand “how to add bank detail in adsense”.this is your choice to select appropriate payment method to getting payment this article I will be select payoneer as payment method.

receive google adsense payment using payoneer

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So after that simply open your payoneer account and acquire your payoneer account holder-name, variety and swift code. when obtaining these info type payoneer account then you’ll be able to login to adsesne account and move to high of the most page click on gear button and choose payment, and when thet move to left sidebar and click on payment settings.So Insert here your payoneer account holder name within the initial row and insert bank variety in second row and conjointly write swift code in third row during this page.After that Google send some ammount to your payoneer account in three to four business days.if quantity is transfer to your payonner account then open your adsesne account and enter that amount of cash to evolve your bank.

receive google adsense payment using payoneer


Select easy payment method according to your country. If you have usa or uk adsense account you definitely select Payoneer as your bank, because this is very easy to get Payments in Pakistan. But if you use Pakistani Adsense account then you need to select western union as payment processor because it is very low cost option to get paid in Pakistan.

If you have any question about adsense and make money online, feel free to write your question in comment box I’ll try to solve your problem in very short time..thanks


  1. It seems this method has stopped working

    1. Really i want to know about latest method i have uk adsense account but it cannot accept my payonner bank details . always show error invalid input? what i do ?

  2. Which theme are you using?

  3. Thanks for the guide mate! 😀

    1. thanks for good feedback

  4. Thanks for sharing this tutorial bro, I recently added Payoneer, and waiting for the verification! 😀

  5. I was googling for this method. But unfortunately this method has been stopped by the Payoneer card company. You can’t be able to find out the SWIFT BIC Number now in payoneer account. So you will not be successful to get payment from adsense in this way now.

    But you have directed really well by written and images. Best of luck for your try.

    1. i check again every thing work fine payoneer allow adsense payment . plz check again

  6. Nice info. But now it require branch sort code.

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