How to Withdraw Payza Money in Pakistan cashout Payza Balance

How to Withdraw Payza Money in Pakistan cashout Payza Balance

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We are already known Payza is a online bank working in more than 200 countries. If you work online as freelancer then you simply receive money from a person or company of any country into your online Payza account. You should use payza account for receiving and sending money online. You can trust Payza as it is a multinational company and have a millions customers. Today i’m going to show you some easy ways to “Withdraw Payza Money in Pakistan“.

Previously Payza provide the service to withdraw money using credit card and check. But the beginning of 2012 Payza launches its prepaid debit card for money withdraws. After that it closed all other ways of withdrawing money online. If you want to receive payment online and paying money online you can use bank wire then your account must be verified. The best way is you can verify your Payza account with your local bank account. Once your Payza account is verified you will be able to receive your payment on your local bank account using with bank wire. The other alternative is to use the debit card to make withdrawal money.

Withdraw Payza Money in Pakistan

    How to Verified Your Payza account?

There are two ways are available to verify your Payza account. First way is little difficult but second way is very easy. Both methods are requiring account verification for transaction.

    First way to verify your Payza Account:

If you want to deposit money on your local bank account, simply login your Payza account. After that find deposit option and click on it and enter the amount of money that you want to deposit. In this method you can pay 20 dollar for this transaction. If you want to use this way your account must be verified, then you will be able use bank wire service.

    Second way to verify your Payza Account:

This is easiest way to verify your Payza account for free. You can verify your account using some government documents, like CNIC card, utility bills and your passport. Scan both sides of your document and submit to payza for verification. It is necessary, name and address on your documents is same with Payza account name.  Three to Four working days take Payza for document verification.

    Payza Debit Card:

The greatest and the easiest way to withdraw money from your account in Pakistan is to use Payza debit card. If you want to use this service firstly be sure that there is $20 in your account. And simply login your Payza account and click on ordering debit card link. You will need some authentic documents for address verification.

    ATM Debit Card to Withdraw Payza money in Pakistan

If you have a bank account Standard Chartered bank or UBL (United Bank), they provide you an ATM Card for withdrawing your money with your card. That card also uses for online dealings same as Visa Debit Card. So if you have an account at standard charted bank and united bank (UBL) then just activate your card for online usage. Now login your Payza Account go to Verification page and verify your ATM Card, Once your visa debit card is approved by payza you can use your debit  card for online transaction. so you can Withdraw Payza Money in Pakistan with using your UBL ATM card.This is something really easy which can be done by anyone having a Bank account in Pakistan.


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